About CSIA

In 1929 the California Self-Insurers Association came into being. Its stated purpose was to monitor and protect the legitimate interests of self-insurers in the workers’ compensation field. The California Self-Insurers Association performs these functions by providing educational opportunities as well as legislative and regulatory support and analysis to its members.

Today CSIA has over 100 members, representing many of California’s largest companies. The association provides ongoing representation and leadership in the field of self-insured workers’ compensation issues. Members benefit from the valuable resources, ongoing educational programs and two annual conferences put on by the association.

Joining CSIA helps California businesses who choose to self insure their workers’ compensation liabilities create a united voice in the complicated and often contentious subject. If you are not a member, please consider joining us and help California businesses lead the Golden State back into economic prosperity. A membership application is available in the Membership section of this website.


CSIA's mission is to champion and promote the interests of self-insured employers in California by providing leadership on workers' compensation matters.


CSIA is THE trusted voice for California self-insured employers and their employees.